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We think that one of the most problematic tasks for boys football leaders will not be the realization of equality. However, to conclude, it is not a matter of trying to realize “opportunity equality” as opposed to “result equality”, and simultaneously “to make fine alterations in” for spreading football.

The argument of “result equality” or “opportunity equality” will be one of many controversies in the recent epidemic in Japan. Japanese people tend to define equality as his or her culture, with result equality. As a result, everyone thinks equality by having the identical happiness / share etc as the same. Therefore, even when everyone wants to strike while “striking a pile to visit out”, it is commonly accepted somehow justice. If “sound judgment” is the fact that “politicians pay lots of taxes = progressive taxation is typical” or “Since it is bad politics and the world that only dryers can not buy dryer”, the effect equality secures fundamental human rights It is an idea to do. Quite simply, in the event the effects are not equal, it will be the idea that rule or rule management ought to be okay.

The story has deviated from soccer a great deal. However, whenever we express the talk of Camisetas De Fútbol Barata and the story of dryer applied to boys’ football, it is known that “Good child is scolded and obviously” or “My son’s child are unable to consider the game because the coach is bad It is also claimed that. This is a honma.

I discussed the “difference” on the parent’s page and wrote that it focuses on the distinction between if you want soccer, but this difference appears as a huge gap because the grade increases. For example, should you compare the number of ball touch times in a week, you may be shocked. Ball touch is touching the ball. Children who love football practice even on their own on a daily basis, so that they will touch the balls a large number of times every day. Some day practice is originating soon and that i am playing with the ball, I am actively engaging in practice, I am going to not let go of the ball even during breaks as well as after practice. On the other hand, a child who may be somehow considering being associated with practicing a net total of 6 hours in a week, whether he will touch the ball 100 times in that.

If you compare the typical number of ball touch times per unit time, there should be an opening of 100 to 1 or even more. We are trying to provide the children opportunities in a similar manner, so if you can find children who practice without permission instead of opportunities equally, like every day, there are a few children who can minimize it or keep it to a minimum. It is a natural consequence that the consequence of ability difference will not be equal. Although it is a reaction of several guardians that “There is not this kind of difference inside the same child”, the kids themselves are aware of a big difference. Although I dared to use the word “difference” here, this is not a “difference” because of personality, it is a difference. The main difference as a result of individuality is exactly what appears in the play style because of two players who touched the ball ten thousand times, practicing pursuing to apply their strengths · covering the shortcomings. A significant difference in whether you prefer football can lead to great differences not just in ability but additionally motivation and trust from friends.

However, I am going to say it again and again, but soccer is of course not in any way inside my life. If you feel you will love football, there has to be individuality that you simply love something besides football. When you find yourself concerned with who you are going to put out for the game, who you are likely to use, that is before children of senior high school age where football could make a huge difference to whatever you like, have the utmost effort at an equal opportunity I believe that giving priority to children who hchitq doing is a sense of ??opportunity equality. Whenever we let everyone participate for the similar time, that is certainly, when we take steps to equalize results, we believe that is not equal.

Perhaps I think that you could understand & agree with this “theory”. But what if you feel such as the following situation? Inside the 5th grade, numerous good children fought on the 6th grade team, and the 5th grade fights fighting with all the remaining children were often lost. By joining with good children within the 6th grade, surely we are able to be able to pay great results inside the tournament. Oh, I’m getting excited about it. While convinced that it was a sixth grade when I went to view the first game, several children within the fifth grade who definitely are good are participating plus they became regular. As a result, my child was unable to go into the game. It had been per year as being a sixth grader I had been looking forward to. ( Even though this year will be the last. There is next year in fifth grader!